Friday, May 7, 2010

New Book in Dutch

I just found the cover of my newest book--a book that for now is only published in Dutch.

Originally titled In Your Eyes, this is a story of love, revenge and intrigue in the Golden era of the Netherlands, a time when great fortunes were made in the East Indies in the spice trade and at home on the newly created stock exchange. Tulips were the rage, and the painters of the Lowlands were beginning to vie with the Italian masters for preeminence.

Orphaned Francesca di Paolo dreams of becoming a portrait painter when mysterious, dashing, larger-than-life Dirk Vredeman walks into her life--a subject she longs to capture on her canvas--and who threatens to capture her carefully guarded heart.

But does he love her--or is she only a means to an end for him?

In Your Eyes
translated to De Zee in Je Ogen will be available to Dutch readers in June.

This story was a finalist in Romance Writers of America's Golden Heart contest, the premier contest for unpublished romance writers.

Here's a glimpse of the write-up from Dutch publisher Mozaeik : De Zee in Je Ogen